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This is because many insurance companies would rather take the risk of a large jury verdict, rather than simply admit responsibility and pay out large settlements. If you say anything you need surgery, ohio car jury verdicts settlement for his greatest asset is your medical bills and fibula. The injury site was over his dialysis port requiring surgery to fix the dialysis port.

  • The amount of compensation you can receive for whiplash injury depends on how severe the injuries are, the degree to which your normal life is affected, and whether you can achieve the life you knew before the accident.
  • The case involved a young man who slipped on the ice and fell outside of a restaurant.
  • You must remember that an adjuster can most likely see anything you post, even if you set your profile to private, and can use anything you post against you. Defendant Ganley Chevrolet since the subject arbitration clause did not apply to intentional torts such as malicious prosecution. Your email address will not be published.

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If you have suffered a whiplash injury, call it what it is, hire a lawyer and move forward with the process, because there is work to do.